Quad Cities DSA’s hearts go out to the tenants of the 324 Main Street apartment building and hope no harm was done to anyone who did not leave the building.

The apartment building at 324 Main Street, owned by the Davenport Hotel LLC, with tenants reporting many problems, some as recently as last week. One contractor described being able to see visible cracks with exposed rebar, and WQAD reported that the apartment building had masonry issues.The city of Davenport also inspected the facility, which passed on the 24th of May of this year.

Situations like those at 324 Main Street, unfortunately, are not uncommon. Many apartment buildings have faced similar problems as property owners have neglected housing options for community members, including the Crestwood Apartments that had to be abandoned in 2021. What other properties have Davenport Hotel LLC neglected in our area? Have other tenants reported concerns that have been dismissed? Have contractors’ findings been ignored by Davenport Hotel LLC? Tenants need the ability to express their concerns without having to rely on landlords and property managers.

One way tenants can have some say in their living conditions is through tenants’ unions. Tenants’ unions are made up of and led by tenants to fight for their collective interests and housing rights. The relationship between landlords and tenants is inherently unequal, exploitative, and unjust. Every human being needs housing for survival, and landlords and banks hold this resource, giving them economic and political power. Other tenants unions around the country have proven that when tenants organize together they are able to resist illegal evictions, protect tenants from rent hikes, advocate for repairs and updates, and create a space for tenants to address their issues. Housing is a basic human right, not a commodity.

Quad Cities DSA is open to hearing from tenants in the Quad Cities area on their living conditions and related cases of their housing situation.  You can reach out to us at quadcitiesdsa@gmail.com.

Quad Cities DSA