We at the Quad Cities DSA would like to voice our unequivocal support for the striking workers of Lodges 388 and 1191 of the IAMAW union. We are seeing more and groundswells from workers across industries who are demanding their rightful dues, especially when we consider that their efforts are the only reasons companies, such as Eaton-Cobham Mission Systems and John Deere, can succeed.

These workers have gone on strike for reasons that are very familiar to many of us: reduced benefits, stagnating wages/pay, and increased risk and burdens during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Standing in solidarity and supporting these workers as they fight for themselves is not an isolated act. It is, in fact, standing up for yourself too. All work has value even when we’re told it doesn’t. This is a ruse to keep people from claiming their worth so stand with the workers, not just for them, but for yourself. We rise together.

Executive Committee of the Quad Cities DSA

Quad Cities DSA