There has been a lot going on with the pandemic becoming worse than ever. The election is behind us but Trump may not leave office peacefully. Our chapter’s chair has been in touch with Democracy Defenders, a coalition of groups that is monitoring the election. They are watching to see if Trump will leave office peacefully. There could be some local rallies or other actions depending on how that unfolds.

Please remember that we have a Quad Cities Mutual Aid group on Facebook. This could be a resource to help you through difficult times. It is also a place where you might be able to help others during this tough time, if you are able.

Our Lift the Ban phone banking project ended, for now. There could be future actions on this issue. Our phone bankers made over 1,200 phone calls as part of the statewide campaign. We are now shifting to other housing justice work. There is a meeting on December 9 at 8pm on Zoom to discuss the new direction of the Housing Justice work group. Register for the meeting here if you would like to participate in this work group.

Here are other events coming up in December:

  • Family Reunion (Social) – December 5 at 7pm, we are having an event on Zoom we are calling our “Family Reunion”. Due to the pandemic we have not seen a lot of people in a long time. Please come to this and bring a friend so we can reconnect. Register here.
  • Quad Cities Radical Study Group will be meeting online on December 18 at 6pm. This event will be on Friday, December 18 at 6pm. It will be on Google Meet at this link.
  • Chapter Meeting – The next general chapter meeting is December 19 at 1pm. We will be taking nominations for board positions for the election at the January meeting. Register here.
Quad Cities DSA