Quad Cities DSA extends our condolences to those suffering in the wake of mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton. Events like these prompt us to ask one question above all others: what more could it take before we finally see substantive policy changes on this issue? For too long our nation has been under assault by murderers fueled by white supremacy, which has been reinforced by a law enforcement culture that hides behind reactionary ableism. Policy action needs to happen at all levels of government before we can even begin to solve this problem. Bills such as HR 8 and HR 1112, while nowhere near comprehensive enough to deal with this issue, close the gun show loophole and force gun retailers to wait longer for a response from the background check system, interrupting the unchecked flow of firearms that enables mass shooters to assemble their arsenal free of oversight. Every day we wait is another day we allow these hate-fueled rampages to continue. Our chapter stands in solidarity with those communities and individuals targeted by right-wing extremism and hate-mongering, and offers protection to those under the thumb of domestic terror. Together we demand justice for those affected and for the countless more to be affected in the absence of action by our elected officials.

In Solidarity, QCDSA

Quad Cities DSA