November 11th, 2018, Armistice Day, marks the 100th anniversary of the end of the “War to End All Wars”. A century after man’s first foray into widespread industrialized slaughter, the most powerful state in world history has made it clear that there will be no end to wars waged for empire.

At the moment those wars include: Afghanistan (now in it’s 18th year), Iraq (for the third time in three decades), Syria, Somalia, and Yemen – where we are assisting Saudi Arabia to carry out airstrikes against children in school buses. In addition, US troops from Joint Special Operations Command deployed to over 100 countries in 2017 alone.

The 2019 National Defense Authorization Act, that passed the Senate by an 87-10 margin, will cost taxpayers $716 billion dollars. Clearly, both parties love permanent warfare. While we are told that there is no money for universal healthcare, affordable housing, education, public transit, or to tackle climate change, there are seemingly limitless funds to subsidize this perpetual state of warfare. Warfare meant to enrich the few, at the expense of the People.

With that in mind, on behalf of the Quad Cities Democratic Socialists of America, I would like to invite readers to our 2nd Annual Armistice Day demonstration at 11:00 AM in Vander Veer Park. To commemorate the end of, “The War to End All Wars,” join us in calling for an end to state-sponsored violence, at home and abroad – and demand that our leaders “Divest From War, Invest In Peace.”

Quad Cities DSA